Ekho Studio

Enso, Colchester, UK

Enso, a new generation of balanced student living, is characterised by its bold and beautiful amenity space. From the moment one enters upon arrival into the building, the tone is set by the ambience and character of the communal areas which are the beating heart of the wider development.

The brand vision has been realised through the creation of bright and light-filled spaces on the ground floor of the accommodation block, incorporating thoughtfully-designed communal spaces. The primary purpose of the space offering is to encourage togetherness through social interactions. The natural gathering point centres around the impressive island bar with a blend of dwell spaces offering the chance to chill, work, hang-out and play.

Beyond the amenity areas are 282 student rooms, designed with a cohesive approach to tie in harmoniously with the amenity concept.

The unique design scheme takes inspiration from Colchester’s rich historic past, with a plethora of playful visual cues that are a subliminal nod to what was once a prominent Roman settlement. Simple forms, particularly the ‘arch’ motif, are used horizontally and vertically, whilst a series of layered vistas add depth, punctuated by dramatic planting and integrated artworks.

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