Ekho Studio

Globe Point, Leeds, UK

Globe Point is a vibrant, professional and welcoming building amenity and community space.

The ambition of the client’s vision has been delivered by creating a multi-purpose and fluid space with high visual impact and state-of-the-art facilities: a multi-format video wall, an impressive cafe bar counter and a cosy mix of lounge and co-working settings.

The ground floor spaces build on the unique architectural identity of Globe Point, generating a sense of place. This is an impressively crafted and unique building which stands proudly in its flat-iron form as the first piece of the jigsaw to CEG's TEMPLE masterplan.

The aesthetic and overall ambience speaks the language of attainable aspiration and of the wider urban community, which is currently full of creative, independent companies. The design celebrates the ‘warp, weave and weft’ of craft, through the interesting application of materials and the dichotomy between the grainy, hard-industrial heritage of Holbeck and its progressive, digital future. The final scheme tells this story in a fusion of two kinds of materiality – the rustic and the highly sustainable, together with super-smooth and more obviously ‘designed’ elements, allowing the two strands to come together in a subtle, seamless and occasionally abstract ways to celebrate people, craft, sustainability and technology.

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