Ekho Studio

La Bottega Milanese, Leeds, UK

La Bottega Milanese is a neighbourhood institution with a dedicated, cult following. This fiercely independent, hip espresso bar is defined by its insatiable warm and buzzing atmosphere. Customers flock here to enjoy the best specialty coffee, continental Milanese snack food, patisserie & refreshments.

The client’s vision was for an uplift to the aesthetic of the flagship store and to maintain the dynamic vibe, whilst also exemplifying the quality of the design, the display of produce and the customer experience.

The success of the brand can be attributed to its simplicity and authenticity - a fusion of Milanese cafe culture in this urban Leeds setting. Cognisant of the fast and frenzied pace of the footfall, the strikingly simple and sophisticated design scheme breathes the brand philosophy to combine function with a timeless aesthetic.

Building on top of the brand's iconic monochromatic colour palette, subtle touches of neutral colours have been introduced to add warmth and comfort. Dynamic foliage displays juxtapose the raw textured concrete, monolithic black forms and punctuating warm white pendant lighting. A dedicated display area & bespoke fridge display have been introduced to enable the expansion of merchandised products and goods.

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