Ekho Studio

PRS for Music, London, UK

PRS for Music has successfully brought together its entire organisation into this central London workspace. The project has defined a progressive strategic direction for the company, underpinned by the commitment to enable an agile and hybrid workforce. The success of the workplace is also hinged around a sense of vibrancy and connection to their members. This is a space alive with meetings and events to ensure that PRS stays informed about and true to the artists they represent.

The scheme is intentionally sophisticated and timeless in its execution, and whilst certainly not obviously apparent, the theme of music is present throughout from the unique blend of spaces offered down to the niche touches of materiality, lighting and artwork. This extends to the celebration of the brand, utilising imagery of PRS members to enhance the team’s experience of the new workplace. These needed to exemplify PRS for Music’s contemporaneity, and its vital relation to today’s music industry.

This workplace is inherently flexible and nurtures innovation through the focus on collaborative settings and cutting edge technology.

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